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The Society of Certified Business Opportunity Appraisers has made many changes that will affect new membership.  These changes have strengthened the experience and educational requirements for the designations offered by The Society.

In accordance, there has been a change in the operations structure.  Mr. Gary Allen, cboa will still be active and may be contacted at:  115 Ryan Industrial Ct., Suite 210,  San Ramon, CA 94583.  However, the big news is Mr. Allen’s valuation classes and outside duties have become so popular that his supervisory time for The Society is limited.

The executive offices have moved and a new contact is available for members of The Society.  His name is Bud Garvin, cboa, many of you may already be familiar with Mr. Garvin and he may be contacted at: 255 North “D” Street, Suite 202A, San Bernardino, CA 92401.  Mr. Garvin has extensive experience in the business valuation field, holds several appraisal designations and is very active within the litigation aspect of appraisal.  (Mr. Garvin’s CV may be reviewed at www.SpecialBusinessStudies.com)

Having these two sources of extensive appraisal and business sales background available for The Society members to contact will help strengthen membership support.  Strengthening membership requirements will also enhance the designations offered through The Society.


Mission Statement 

American Business Consultants, Inc. and The Society of Certified Business Opportunity Appraisers have one primary purpose.  That is to provide education and support in business valuation to its members and others interested in the business appraisal or broker fields.

Admission requirements and continuing education will help to provide recognition and acceptance of the members within the public as individuals knowledgeable and experienced in this interesting and specialized field.



Designation Overview

The Society of Certified Business Opportunity Appraisers offers three levels of recognition.  Designations are based on the needs of the members applying and would include:

BE (Business Evaluator)  –  This designation would be useful for the broker or salesman that handles business opportunity transactions.

BOA (Business Opportunity Appraiser)  –  This designation has been designed to denote someone with more experience in the selling of business opportunities and an individual with appraisal experience that is seeking higher achievement in the appraisal field.

CBOA (Certified Business Opportunity Appraiser)  –  This is the highest designation offered by The Society.  The designation signifies an individual that has a broad background in appraising businesses, both educationally and in actual experience.  This designation denotes someone that has specialized education and experience in complex appraisal assignments.

The following lists the current requirements for the different designations offered by The Society of Certified Business Opportunity Appraisers.  Please note that substitution of experience for education is at a two-to-one rate.  If you need further information or clarification please contact Mr. Bud Garvin, cboa or Pat Wright, cboa at 255 North “D” Street, Suite 202A, San Bernardino, California 92401, or call 909-885-0934



BE – Business Evaluator

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