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ولكن في خطوة لاحقة أُعيد فتح التحقيق حول الملف من قبل النيابة العامة في جبل لبنان، حيث تولى التحقيق المدعي العام القاضية غادة عون وقاضي التحقيق نقولا منصور، متجاوزَين لصلاحيتهما واختصاصهما، وممارسة الإقصاء لإطراف معينة ضد آخرى، ما يثير الشكوك حول موضوعية فتح الملف والطريقة التي يتم التحقيق بها، وما ترتب عليه لاحقاً من خسارة لبنان للعقد مع سوناطراك.

Public Prosecution in Mount Lebanon, where the investigation was conducted by Judge Prosecutor Ghada Aoun and investigating judge Nicola Mansour, exceeding their competence and jurisdiction, and the practice of exclusion of certain parties against another, which raises doubts about the objectivity of the file opening and the way in which It is being investigated, and the consequent consequence of Lebanon losing the contract with Sonatrach.

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 The executive is responsible for the administrative matters of the courts, and the Supreme Judicial Council has no authority to determine the budget for the judiciary or the administration of the courts. alqadiat almadaeiat ghadatan eawn / القاضية المدعية غادة عون 


 Muhammad Karaki, issued Circular No. 1656 of June 25, 2020, in which he announced that the service available to the content (stakeholders) via ONLINE online platforms is free services and they can book appointments at the times they choose according to their specific circumstances, warning “any party It was from the exploitation of these applications for purposes or material gain under any circumstance, under penalty of legal and criminal prosecution.

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Whereas, it was found that some persons not working in the guarantee exploit the content and blackmail them to secure these services for them through these electronic platforms in exchange for receiving money for each date of their transactions. 

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